Welcome to ESquared

ESQuaReD, or The Laboratory for Empirically-based Software Quality Research and Development, is the software engineering group at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The group is part of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the university. The E² lab is located on the city campus of the University, in Avery Hall. The main laboratory is in rooms 103 and 104, with faculty offices located on the first and third floors.

Members of the E² Laboratory are actively involved in the software engineering research community, leading research in foundational program analysis techniques applied to the web, security, robotics, and supercomputing. According to csrankings.org, E² of UNL ranks 4th in the US and 5th in the world in software engineering research. In another ranking of International Software Engineering Scholars E² fared well; Gregg Rothermel tied for 1st, Matt Dwyer tied for 28th, and Sebastian Elbaum was 50th in the world. Since E² came into existence in 2004, the same ranking system places it 5th in the world as a group.