Checklist For Incoming Students

This page provides information on the steps that incoming students will need to take in order to use the School of Computing CSE server, and university services.

Payroll Information

Visit Patricia Lena in Avery 263 so that you can get entered into the payroll system and get paid. You’ll need the proper pieces of identification for employee eligibility verification (e.g., driver’s license and social security card). All University payroll is done using direct deposit, you’ll also need to bring a voided check to provide the direct-deposit banking information. New International Students will also need Passport, VISA, I-94 and DS2019 or I-20.

Contact Patricia by email and she can send you the correct employee packet to be completed.
Employment cannot begin without proper paperwork and documentation.

Register For Classes

You need to be registered for classes before you can do anything at Nebraska.

  1.  Go to and sign in with your NUID and password. You should have received your NUID and temporary password in separate emails shortly after applying for admission.
  2. Click on “Enroll in Classes”in the right-hand side toolbar with the label “manage”. Then, select the term for which you wish to register for classes and click “Continue”.
  3. Enter the call numbers of the courses for which you wish to register. If you don’t know the call numbers, you can look up classes using the “Class Search” tab located in the top-left portion of the screen.

*If you want to register for a special class like “Research”or “Thesis,” you will need to see LaRita Lang in 204 Schorr and fill out a form to get the call number.*

Get Your NCard

Your NCard is your student ID card, and is used to identify you for many things on campus. Your NCard also has a randomly generated student ID number, which is different from your social security number. To obtain your NCard:

  1. Register for at least one course. Your application for your NCard will be withdrawn if you are not registered for the upcoming semester.
  2. Visit and submit the online application. You will be required to supply a headshot for your card which meets specific requirements outlined on the application.
  3. Bring a government-issued photo ID such as driver’s license, passport, or military ID to the NCard Office in the Student Union. It will not be issued without proper identification.

*No fee will be collected at the time the NCard is issued, however, the $20.00 issuance fee will appear on your Student Accounts Consolidated Bill.*

Get A CSE Account

Visit the School of Computing Account Management Utility AMU to claim your CSE server account credentials, if you have not already done so. Claiming your credentials includes accepting the terms of computer and network use at the University. You can recover your School of Computing CSE server login and reset your account password via the AMU utility.

You might want to request the system manager to add your email address to the E2 mailing list which is, Send your request to

Wireless Connectivity

  1. The page describes how to connect to the eduroam network used at UNL. You will need your My.UNL username and password, if you do not know your My.UNL username or password, visit TrueYou.
  2. From your computer or mobile device, open the network settings and select eduroam from the list of available networks.
  3. Provide your My.UNL username and password credentials to the prompts provided, additional settings required for some devices are described on the ITS WiFi page.

Access To Avery Hall And The E-2 Computer Labs

In order to access Avery Hall and rooms 103 and 104, you will have to see (or email) Shea Svoboda  and he will activate your NCard. If you need after hour building access you need your advisor to email Shea about this and he will provide you after hour building access.

Keys To Office Space

The E2 doors have card readers installed, and you will use your NCards to access the office space. However, if you have an office in the lab, you’ll need a key. To get a key, visit Shea Svoboda in Avery 27. You should get an email from your advisor to Shea confirming your office location. He will then either hand you a key or assist you in obtaining it. You’ll need to bring your NCard as well as pay a $10 dollar deposit to get your key.