The conference room in the E² lab has a PC available for video conferencing. The PC has Skype installed. The video conferencing feature is a work in progress and we will add more hardware and software tools as and when necessary. Please feel free to send comments and suggestions to the sysadmin or the faculty.

Use your CSE username and password to logon. Start the software tool that you would like to use.  Make sure the speakers and the camera are on. The LED on the camera lights up only when its being used.
  • Skype
    • Use your Skype username and password if you already have one.
    • You can use esquared.lab as the username and esquared.user as the password.
  • Conference Microphone
    • We use the ClearOne Chat 50 with built-in echo cancellor as the conference speaker and microphone. Since the webcam also has a built in microphone, Windows can sometimes chose the default audio device to be the microphone on the webcam. When this happens, you cannot hear or send audio from Chat 50. To solve the problem:
      • unplug the Chat 50 and the webcam.
      • plug in the Chat 50 first.
      • Go to Start => Control Panel=> Sounds and Audio Devices
      • Click on the Audio pane. You should see Chat 50 as the default device for sound playback and sound recording. If you see multiple options, choose Chat 50.
      • You can now plug in the webcam.